Open the door to endless promises and possibilities as you consider the benefits of a 2-bedroom apartment. And now, when so many people are working from home, there is no better time to set up your very own home office.  





Don’t settle for a small space simply because you’re on your own or it seems to be convenient. Below are listed the top reasons as to why you should choose a 2-bedroom apartment according to your particular demographic.  


Student or Single  

Whether you’re studying or taking your work home with you, it is important to have a designated space set aside to do just that. Keeping your work out of the bedroom or relaxation area will allow for complete concentration without the regular distractions. Added space for a desk and office chair will prove beneficial in the long run, and you’ll undoubtedly make ‘home office’ a priority on your next checklist when searching for a future house.  


Although you may not have a roommate at the moment, a 2-bedroom apartment allows the possibility of renting out the extra space for added income. Hamilton condos are a practical and beneficial option because you can then choose to live alone or rent out as an investment property. Why not save money on utilities while enjoying the luxuries of a larger space and added company? 


Young Families 

Just married or planning to have a baby? A 2-bedroom apartment allows you the convenience of adequate space for the child. You won’t have to worry about packing up and moving out when the baby comes, because all you need is already there. And when a relative or parent comes to visit, they will have a bedroom to themselves with privacy; no more nights on the couch!  


Couples may also enjoy the advantage of having a hobby room for themselves. Whether you fill the space with exercise equipment or art supplies, you’ll be keeping the apartment tidy and organized with an extra room for your things. Living in a Hamilton condo gives you the freedom to pick and choose as you like, without the suppressing rules of a rented place. Make your home your own by being creative with it.  


Retired in a 2-Bedroom Apartment  

Having your family over to visit can be a joyous experience, but may also prove stressful at times. With a 2-bedroom apartment, you’ll no longer have to worry about where the grandchildren are going to sleep or if there is enough space for hospitality. Simple furnishings, such as a bed and dresser, will give the room enough character without draining the wallet. The whole family will be more than comfortable and content as they enjoy their visit to Grandma’s house.  

When it comes to house hunting, you are better off investing in an extra room that is sure to be used, then playing it safe with a smaller space and regretting it later. Hamilton offers a variety of condo layouts to meet your every need. Go big or go home with your own 2-bedroom apartment today.