The market for luxury condos and apartments has never been this bullish. The boom in Hamilton’s condo market is attributed to the location benefits associated with them, along with the minimal maintenance and security costs, affordable pricing, and of course, the over-the-top amenities that come with them.



In this guide, we’ll take you through some over-the-top amenities offered by condos in Hamilton:

Over-the-top Amenities Offered by Condos

Below are the top seven over-the-top amenities offered by condos:

Fitness Center or Gym

You can’t enjoy wealth if you’re not in good health, as they say. Among the biggest bonuses of modern-day condos is the accessibility of fitness center they bring with them. This not only saves you time going to a gym but also ensures maximum convenience so that you remain consistent with your workouts.

This also proves to be a tremendous alternative to those expensive gym memberships that you only kept for the sake of enjoying a motivating fitness environment. With condos, you can meet people with health and fitness passion right in your backyard without having to maintain membership.


Eco-Friendly Homes

People have become increasingly concerned about environmental sustainability in making their everyday decisions. Eco-friendly homes typically feature green building history and materials, energy-efficient home designs as well as energy-saving appliances. You may even have an individual garden plot with your condo. For these reasons, condo buyers frequently look for eco-friendliness when seeking the perfect condos.

Outdoor Space and Swimming Pools

If you could have an open space to relax, read the newspaper, enjoy a barbeque, or run, what else would you need? While swimming pools and terraces have become a standard, new condos in Hamilton also come with outdoor spaces that offer engaging family activities to suit your lifestyle.

Spending premium prices to live in a  gorgeous location with beautiful weather and not spending time in open-air sounds ironic. If you’re really looking forward to living a quality life, go for condos that allow for more fresh air, more afternoon sunshine, and more sunrises with your family.

A few outdoor features trending in the market include croquet, firepits, outdoor kitchens, bocce courts, and gardens with definitive seating areas where you and your family can sit back and enjoy the skyline.

Internet Access or WiFi

The rapid pace at which digitization is shaping our lifestyles is no secret. The increasing use of smart devices, including smartphones, tabs, appliances, as well as the concept of smart homes, has made internet access a need for everyone. Not to forget people’s ever-increasing obsession with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube has made the internet a necessity.

To your relief, most condos come with a reliable and efficient WiFi connection, precluding the need to catch up with an independent internet service provider.

Well aware of the needs of today’s savvy residents, an increasing number of new condos in Hamilton include a free WiFi as a staple amenity or with leases. The service may be available in resident-accessible lobbies or individual units.

Day-care Centers and Playgrounds

It’s close to impossible to find a home in the heart of a business center and, at the same time, have a large, secure yard or an indoor playroom for children. The only playing areas for kids in a city are the common areas of the building or any nearby playgrounds or parks. This creates a critical trade-off between living in the downtown area and having a great indoor play area.

Condos present a great solution to this. Not only are they located in the center of cities but many also provide playing areas and day-care facilities within the boundaries of the condominium. This is a huge plus for you if you have children.


City Life

No matter how many shops or services a condo contains within it, nothing beats the charm of visiting outdoor attractions, shopping centers, restaurants, etc. Instead of just focusing on in-site amenities, modern condos pay particular attention to the personalities and lifestyles of condo buyers.

That’s why most condos are located near a wide array of clubs, theaters, restaurants, malls, and so on, providing the much-needed excitement and appeal to the city dwellers and adventure seekers.

Pet-Friendly Homes

Depending on whether you own a pet and the type of pet you have, pet-friendliness may be your number one priority when looking for a place to live. However, finding a pet-friendly residence is often a big challenge, particularly in the case of dogs.

If that sounds like you, exclusive pet-friendly condos are an ideal choice for you. These typically feature an open-door policy towards pets, thereby increasing the occupancy rate for them while allowing you to feel at home. Pet washing rooms or pet spas, on-property dog runs, and doggy day-care may also be available as extras.

Final Word

To sum it up, there are plenty of over-the-top amenities offered by condos. Now that you’re familiar with the most sought-after amenities, it’s time to make that crucial move.

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