When it comes to choosing an apartment, it doesn’t get any better than a two-bedroom LJM penthouse.



A penthouse apartment is a perfect new home for a growing family, a couple looking for the high life or a nice place to retire. If you’re not sure of what kind of real-estate investment you want to make, this blog lists all the benefits of penthouse living.

couple sleeping in penthouse

When you purchase one of our two-bedroom penthouses, you can expect to be completely undisturbed and enjoy complete privacy and actually get a better night’s sleep. There’s no traffic outside your door, no screaming children, barking dogs or slamming doors. It’s your own private sanctuary.

Our penthouses have better layouts than other apartments and are far more spacious than other apartments in our building. Allowing you to make the most out of your spacious living area, outdoor space, and bedrooms. Our penthouses offer a more open concept layout, which means rooms are larger and more spacious than the other apartments we offer.

man barbecuing with penthouse

One of the most beautiful features of our penthouses is the access to an outdoor area which has an unobstructed view of Hamilton. Furthermore, our penthouses have lots of outdoor space, which is ideal for entertaining guests or enjoying barbecue. Rather than having a balcony, our penthouses feature a large terrace which wraps around your penthouse. They are extremely spacious, and you can fit outdoor couches, coffee table and even barbecue all at the same time!

HERE YOU CAN FIND A 360 DEGREE VIDEO OF YOUR CITY VIEW FROM ONE OF OUR LJM PENTHOUSES: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1356811587859249

LJM penthouses are a huge attraction in urban real estate. With numerous bedrooms and tons of space to an amazing view outside, penthouses are clearly the best option when it comes to apartments. Overall, they are a worthy investment.