When you’re purchasing a penthouse, you’ll have a lot of real spacewhich is extremely practical. As far as apartments go, a penthouse is usually the most spacious. Not only will you have plenty of room for daytoday living, but you’ll have room for huge parties, or simply just entertaining any number of guestsSome penthouses consist of more than one floor, and the outdoor space is usually much larger than two balconies of lower floors put together. 

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Living in a penthouse apartment means being in the city but having a lot more spaceYou get the best of both worlds: you have easy access to citycentre attractions and amenities, with the atmosphere of a quiet home. Any apartment can have gorgeous view of the city, but often they can’t compete with the view from the top floorespecially when the view comes from your own private outdoor space. 

Inside a penthouse

Noise is not an issue 

When it comes to living in any building, major concern you may have is the noise. There’s nothing worse than having loud neighbours living above youSo, if you fear clanking, noisy neighbours interrupting your sleep, living in a penthouse would eliminate all that. When you’re on the top floor, there’s no-one above you.  

When living in any apartment building, depending on what floor you’re on, the noise might not only come from neighbours. You may also be faced with the loud traffic from the streets below. This is another problem that is eliminated by moving to a penthouse. Because on the top floor – you’re far away from the street noise. 

You get to show off your style 

Most of apartments you rent or buy can be difficult to customize. However, when you buy a penthouse you will have much more freedom when it comes to designing your living space. The ability to use your outdoor space in whatever way you want is something that really sets it apart from other living accommodations.