Toronto has a lot to offer, whether you’re a music fan, foodie or an art lover, you’re bound to enjoy this city. So why are Torontonians migrating west to Hamilton?

Like Toronto, there is no shortage of amazing dining and shopping options in Hamilton. The city’s offers a very diverse food scene, which means you can find something to eat no matter what you’re craving. Hamilton’s food scene has evolved to where many of Toronto’s cooks and chefs are opening businesses there due to their cheaper rent prices.

skyline of hamilton

Like Toronto, Hamilton has a full-fledged shopping experience as well as unique local shops, so you won’t have to make a long car trip to do some splurging. 

Generally speaking, home prices are much more affordable in Hamilton than they are in Toronto. Hamilton is 40–50% cheaper, despite the real estate boom. In addition to homes that are a fraction of the price of Toronto, public transit costs less, education costs less, and entertainment costs less as well.

It can be quite difficult to get around in Toronto. Hamilton is a more practical city, many people use bikes all year round, which means traffic is much lower than its surrounding cities. Toronto happens to be one of Canada’s worst metropolitan regions when it comes to traffic congestion.