Quality over quantity is the motto of any true minimalist lifestyle, creating more space in the home while eliminating clutter. And there’s no better place to start this constructive behavior than in your new condo in Hamilton.  



A home of less mess equals less stress, which is the key factor to creating a relaxing environment for everyone to enjoy. Highlighted below are the top tips on how to make your condo apartment more minimalistic today.  


What to Keep, Sell and Donate to Charity 


You’ll want to take a good look around your prominent living space and decide which items serve a purpose. Focus on one room at a time, divide your things into three categories while mentally labeling them: keep, sell or donate. Everything in your keep pile should then take on further investigation in determining its daily use. I 


tems, such as kid’s toys and extra appliances, that aren’t used every day should then be stored and put out of sight. A good rule of thumb when deciding what to keep, versus what to toss, is to value pieces with neutral colours, because they go with anything and everywhere.   


Minimalist Furniture Ideas 


Multi-purpose items with handy hidden storage is the way to go when thinking furniture. Some good examples include an ottoman sofa or multipurpose coffee tablegreat for hiding books and games, especially when you have kids. The more stuff you can put out of sight the better! Remember to take into consideration the size of your home before purchasing any large furniture items. Measuring and re-measuring is key to making sure everything fits while you avoid having to return items.  


Condos for sale in Hamilton offer large layouts with an open concept and preferred choice of bedrooms. This allows for greater opportunity in furniture selection and placement, making the most of your new minimalist lifestyle approach. But the absolute best space in the home to implement your findings is in the bedroom. The best sleep is linked to having a room that encourages relaxation, which is why decluttering is most important here. Consider underbed storage as well as a foldup futon for the guest room – killing two birds with one stone.  


Odds and Ends 


With less stuff crowding up the apartment, it’s a good idea to compensate with bold décor and creative statement pieces. Sticking to a neutral colour palette allows for large paintings and wall coverings to really POP and stand out attractively. And keeping lighting in mind, don’t underestimate the design power of a chic little lamp or pendant. Just be careful that the decorations, whether hanging on the wall or on table/floor are not too large for the space. In general, think sharp lines and asymmetry as those specific details bring out the best in a minimalist lifestyle.  


New condos in Hamilton provide the best units and amenities available, but it’s up to you to make the place home. Easily turn your apartment into a safe haven by implementing a minimalist approach to your layout today