Condos offer simplicity and convenience that even the most luxurious apartment rentals can’t compare. Once you’ve made the decision and secured your new condo, it’s time to plan your downsizing strategy. 

All condos are not created equal — there’s usually a variety of different floor plans available in every condominium building.Carefully consider your floor plan. Be sure to analyze every inch and corner prior to your decision. Measure your existing furniture and compare it to the floor plan drawing to map out where all your items can go.

Consider condo amenities that may allow you to get rid of some of your items. Many condo buildings have access to common amenities such as gyms, game rooms and laundromats, so you will no longer have to keep items like gym equipment in your unit.

man with moving boxes

Prioritize your possessions, make a list of all of the larger items in your home like dressers, tables, chairs, and make a list of things you definitely need to keep. “Maybe” items (most of the time) can go.

Condo living provides the luxury of significantly less maintenance. You will no longer have to spend the weekends mowing your lawn, weeding the flower beds or cleaning the garage. Owning less will make you happier. When you have fewer items and rooms, your chore time is cut in half. You can spend that time doing activities that enrich your life instead.

Moving into a condominium means embracing a new lifestyle, even though radical downsizing may not be for everyone, most people find it completely liberating. A fresh start is fun.