In order to launch a favourable property sale, it is important to be prepared with the correct paperwork; saving you both time and hassle upfront. And with the right measures in place, you’ll have your home on the market and selling in no time at all. 



When it comes to real estate, you’ll want to remain informed and ahead of the competition by placing your best foot forward. Provided below are the most important documents to have on hand before putting your property up for sale.  



Original Property Sale Information 

 For starters, you’ll need to dig out your original sales contract for the home. Any documents related to title and ownership, including the property survey or certificate of occupancy is a must. Certificates of compliance with building and zoning codes are especially helpful when selling a home with property. But if you are in a homeowner’s association, selling a new condo in Hamilton or of sorts, you’ll need to provide all related documentation regarding the building’s covenants, conditions and restrictions.  


Additional paperwork includes the professional appraisal performed when you first bought the house and any documented changes to the appraisal since then. And If you have a report of any professional inspections that were done before putting your house up for sale, then this would be useful as well. One thing you should keep in mind when selling a newly built home, is to have a file of the builder on hand. This will provide further detail of the building’s structure and verify the value of the property sale.  


Home Improvements  

On the construction side of things, it would be beneficial to have ready any receipts or documentation of improvements you’ve made to your house. This would include any major renovations or additions (I.e., a new bathroom, kitchen, etc.). Home repairs and maintenance records may factor into this as well. But when marketing new condos in Hamilton, you’ll likely avoid having to deal with these particular concerns.  


If you are including major appliances as part of your property sale, then manuals and warranty information are preferred. Hamilton condos for sale often provide the usual appliances as well as inclusive amenities for the residents to enjoy. You can ask your association to support the information concerning these benefits. Both buying and selling a condo is made easy and stress-free under the helpful wing of the building corporation.  


Some Things In Between  

In terms of mortgage and financing, determine whether you’ll be moving forward with a retired mortgage on your property sale or needing a payoff amount. If you haven’t already paid off your current mortgage in full, then you will require a payoff statement provided by your current lender. With the requested information, you will then be able to calculate your estimated home sale proceeds.  


Insurance is another topic of interest when it comes to pre-sale documentation. Being transparent with the buyer is key, and providing your homeowners insurance information will satisfy any concerns they may have. By law, sellers must also disclose any related problems with the property that they’re aware of, both past and present, that may affect its value. Along with these files, you’ll need your title insurance policy available for authenticity regarding ownership. This will offer the seller a certain amount of protection against any competing claims to the home.  


Preparing all of this paperwork may seem unobtainable or daunting, which is why it is important to work with a professional and experienced real estate agent. They will guide you through the process as smoothly as possible, ensuring a confident property sale. Soon, you’ll be investing in a new condo in Hamilton, with the stress of the market completely behind you.