Not all real estate agents are equal – and how can they be? A real estate agent that knows the market of Sarnia may not be able to help you as effectively as someone who’s an expert on the St. Thomas real estate market – this isn’t going to help you if you’re trying to find new condos in Hamilton. The importance of a real estate agent that’s knowledgeable of the area you’re moving to is paramount, it’s everything. It can make the difference between locking in one of the amazing condos in GTA, like LJM Tower that’s suitable for you and buying one that just doesn’t work for you.

How do you find a Hamilton real estate agent that’s not only going to search for condos in your area that are appropriate for what you want or need, but will also go that extra step to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible? By following our advice below. Follow our tips below, and secure an agent that’s going to provide you with the very best condos for sale in Hamilton.

Ask a friend or loved one

In the age of social media, there is still no replacement for personal references. If you have friends and/or family that recently purchased a home in Hamilton, ask them about their experience. Would they recommend the real estate agent they worked with? Are there things they wish they would have known/done differently? Ask them about the process and if they would choose the real estate agent in question again.

There’s always Google

The Internet was made for this kind of research. Search for ‘real estate agents in Hamilton, ON’ (or a similar search query) and browse through the results. You will likely find testimonials and reviews of the Hamilton real estate agent. This will give you a general idea as to which real estate agents near you are worth pursuing. From there, a visit to the Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC) allows you to search for members by name. If they’re worth hiring, they’re going to be in this database. Browse it and confirm the agent’s credentials and learn about the services they offer.

Found the agent? Find if they’re a fit for you

Give them a call and ask for their latest references (three-to-five should suffice). From there, contact these references and ask them to explain the process, experience, and if they would recommend the real estate agent to anyone else. They will be honest, so take their answers seriously and with consideration.

In addition, ask them to confirm their services and credentials to ensure they match up with what was found through the REIC’s database. Don’t be afraid of being too forward, either: you’re interviewing the agent to decide whether or not they will be suitable to help you secure a home in Hamilton condo development. The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) has a great list of questions worth asking your real estate agent before committing you can use if you want to cover all of your bases.

Choose an agent that wants you to call them

One of the biggest red flags when shopping for a real estate agent is one that seems to always avoid your calls. When you’re shopping for condos for sale in Hamilton, as long as you are calling, texting, emailing – whatever communication method you prefer – within normal business hours, a good real estate agent will get back to you in a timely manner. Things happen and agents are not always able to reply to every concern you have the day-of, but making numerous attempts until your real estate agent answers their phone shouldn’t be the norm either. If you feel like your real estate agent just isn’t interested in helping you hunt for new condos in Hamilton, move on.

When it’s time to make the choice…

There should be no doubt as to which real estate agent near your area you should choose; if there’s more than one agent that seems suitable, even better. Compare the data you’ve accrued to make a final decision; speak with friends and loved ones about their own experiences; speak with the agent again if you have to. Do whatever you must to make the right decision on choosing a real estate agent in Hamilton. This is perhaps the most important purchase of your life – be sure you’re hiring a professional that knows your area and will deliver the best results!

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