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The Whys and Hows of Property Pre-Evaluation

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed during the home-buying process, determining whether you’ve made the best decisions possible. But with the correct measures in place, you’ll soon be investing with complete confidence and top results.  

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How to Prepare for a Smooth and Definite Property Sale

In order to launch a favourable property sale, it is important to be prepared with the correct paperwork; saving you both time and hassle upfront. And with the right measures in place, you’ll have your home on the market and selling in no time at all. 

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Planning to Buy a Condo? Here’s What You Must Ask Your Estate Agent

If you found a condo that piques your interest, how would you actually know that it’s a good place to live? Easy: ask your real estate agent! Being able to ask questions from someone with the right knowledge is always a smart move.

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Top Residential Real Estate Trends You Can Expect Amid the Coronavirus Crisis

At the beginning of 2020, the housing market in most parts of Canada was trending positively. Reports suggested house sales had increased by 27 percent on a year-on-year basis. However, with the Coronavirus pandemic delivering an unprecedented blow on the global economy, the residential real estate market has seen a sharp decline in activity as well. 

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Real Estate in 2020 – Should You Hold On Or Buy Now?

Are you wondering if this is the right time to buy a house in the Hamilton real estate market? Given the current situation, it’s important to exercise some care before you make any significant financial investments. You’ll have to take several factors into account. For instance, what’s your credit score like? What are home price levels like at the moment? In this article, we will be discussing whether you should buy a home in 2020 or put off the decision for later.  

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The benefits of purchasing a two-bedroom LJM penthouse

When it comes to choosing an apartment, it doesn’t get any better than a two-bedroom LJM penthouse.

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Living in Hamilton

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in Hamilton, Ontario? Curious on how easy is it to start a new life there? There are so many wonderful things you should know about Hamilton, especially if you’re planning to move there.

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How to Clean and Disinfect Your Home

Cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces in your home helps to lower the chances of you or a loved one contracting COVID-19, thus diminishing the likeliness of spreading it to someone else. 

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How to set up a home office

Now that the current COVID-19 pandemic caused many to work from home. If you’re included in this category – there are plenty of tips that can help with this adjustment.  

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Things to do at home during social distancing

If you’re looking for a useful way to spend your time during social distancing or just simply interested in creating a deeper connection with your condo, here are some ideas and tips to make your time spent indoors more productive.