With so many condos popping up in the GTA there has to be a reason for it, right? There certainly is! People all across the GTA are discovering the convenience and common sense of moving into a condo. Whether they are buying condos for sale in Hamilton, ON for their first home, second, or deciding to retire and enjoy their golden years, there are many reasons to take advantage of a condo opportunity whenever you see it. Is condo living right for you, or should you opt for another type of housing? Only you can decide, but here at LJM Tower we’re all about transparency so we want to give you the facts. Below are just a few of the many reasons people just like you are switching to condos in the GTA.

Never worry about maintenance again

This is one of the biggest reasons people are choosing to look for condos for sale in Hamilton, Ontario. The very notion that you never have to worry about something breaking in your home and having to pay the money to get it fixed lifts such a burden off of people’s backs. Many profess that it’s the only reason they chose to move into a condo in the first place; for them it’s totally worth it!

It may not seem like a reason to give up looking for detached single family homes. Yet, once you consider how much time, money, and headache is saved by relying on the condo’s maintenance to do all the maintenance for you, you suddenly see how attractive owning a condo can be. Why do it all yourself? Let someone else worry about the maintenance!

Location, location, location

Condos for sale in Hamilton, Ontario are located in some of the most sought-after locations in all of Hamilton. This applies to the rest of the GTA as well. If you want to live in a place where, ‘the action is,’ then a condo is the best way you’re going to get a taste of it all without spending over a million dollars on a detached single family home. When you want to be able to walk out of your home, take a few steps, and experience the best eateries and shopping centers that your neighbourhood has to offer, a condo makes it happen. No wonder so many people are making the switch to condo living!

Amenities make life easier

Nobody likes getting off work and having to run around their neighbourhood doing commutes before it gets too late in the evening. It’s a pain and let’s call it what it is: extra work. Fortunately, many condos for sale in Hamilton, Ontario feature amazing amenities that are designed to not only make your life easier but also free up your time. Amenities such as dry cleaning, a gym, market, post office, and more allow you to get all of your errands done all in one place in the building where you live. No more running around town: get it all done where you live!

The demand for condos is higher than detached single family homes

Owning a home isn’t just about having your own place to lay your head down every night – it’s also an investment. Traditionally, if you were looking for condos for sale in Hamilton, Ontario buying them for the investment alone wouldn’t be on your radar but things are changing. The demand for condos is actually growing while detached single family home demand is beginning to dwindle as the decade comes to a close. With condos being a sound investment and providing the best conveniences of owning a home while minimizing the inconveniences that comes with homeownership it’s no wonder more Canadians than ever are saying, “goodbye,” to their traditional detached single family home and, “hello,” to condo living!

Closer sense of community

Believe it or not, most people agree that after they sign the dotted line on condos for sale in Hamilton, Ontario and live in the neighbourhood for a year they actually feel closer to their neighbours than in a traditional home. Families are discovering that condo life is a great place to raise their children since neighbours have to live in such close proximity and everyone gets to know one another better, faster.

If having neighbours you grow to love and the conveniences of modern living is important to you, don’t settle for less. Reach out to LJM Tower today and learn how amazing living in a condo can be. Experience the difference, and live your best life going forward!