When one thinks about the best entertainment in the GTA, undoubtedly the mind goes toward the attractions around the lower GTA or a similar setting. It’s a natural reaction. Yet, it is the hope of LJM Tower that after making a move to our condos in Hamilton your mind will automatically think of our neighbourhood. And it should! There is so much to do in Hamilton that you’re not going to know what to experience first. Below are a few of the many attractions that make Hamilton such a joy to live in.

Hamilton Mall

Theatre Aquarius

Many consider Theatre Aquarius to be the backbone of Hamilton’s downtown revitalization efforts. Others see Theatre Aquarius for what it truly is: a destination for the art. Theatre Aquarius brings over 100,000 visitors to the amazing Dofasco Centre for the Arts annually making it one of the premier destinations in all of the GTA. There is always something to see at Theatre Aquarius. Keep an eye on their schedule and expand your horizons by watching a production you won’t soon forget!

Escape Rooms

In recent years, Hamilton has become a destination of sorts for escape rooms. It’s one of the most fun things you can do by just stepping out of our condos in Hamilton. We know you won’t visit one of these just once!

The Crux Escape Room is one of the most noteworthy escape rooms in the neighbourhood. Visitors must solve puzzles and challenges to progress through the scenario; customers can choose between Area 51, Aunt Edna’s Condo, and so much more. They also feature a board game lounge with a selection of modern board games – not just your mother’s board games like Monopoly or Pictionary.

Alcatraz offers a parlay of rooms to try. From Secret Society to the Sleepy Hollow room to even a Casino Heist room for those that don’t typically enjoy scares. They all range in challenge, so be sure to check out all the rooms to see which is your favourite. Rubix Rooms offers rooms like The Asylum where you must answers puzzles and challenges to progress the storyline in one hour. You’ve been incorrectly diagnosed: can you solve the puzzle?

Last but not lease is KeyMasters. They offer escape rooms that challenge players to escape a group of mad scientists within an hour for those looking for a scare. For customers that just want to try it out without worrying about having a heart attack, there are scenarios such as getting out of trouble before the Principal returns to the room and even a Christmas-themed room where you and friends must save Christmas. Whatever your mood, there are escape rooms that are just a quick walk from your condo in Hamilton!

BATLE: Backyard Axe Throwing League

Here is something you won’t find anywhere else in the GTA. If you have ever thought to yourself, “I would love nothing more than to throw an axe to get rid of my frustrations,” then BATLE is the place for you. The Backyard Axe Throwing League is a perfect destination for anyone, though. BATLE features group packages for birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate events, and so on. Events are fully-staffed, completely safe, and groups get a coach to teach them how to aim the axe at targets before doing round-robin tournaments with the group. An experience unlike any other, check out BATLE if you want something unique to do in the GTA.

The Art Gallery of Hamilton

Many call it the most underrated art gallery in Canada and for good reason. The third largest art gallery in all of Toronto, The Art Gallery of Hamilton features over 10,0000 works of art. You won’t be able to see everything all at once. Three times per year, The Art Gallery of Hamilton hosts special exhibitions showing off works of art you won’t find anywhere else.

No matter if you want to check out new exhibits or just want to expose yourself to the arts, The Art Gallery of Hamilton is just a quick stroll away from our condos in Hamilton, ON. Check out the exhibits today and become cultured in the process. You will be back time and time again; don’t wait, make today your first visit!

Art Gallery in Hamilton