Ready to move on to bigger and roomier spaces? If you have a family, sometimes it feels like this is easier said than done. Finding affordable housing that’s roomy enough that won’t put your family into financial difficulties can be quite the challenge for Torontonians trying to make a better life for their children, though it doesn’t have to be. New condos in Stoney Creek are a perfect fit for young families. If living in a condo with your family isn’t at the top of your list, it needs to be – especially if a move to Stoney Creek is something you’ve been thinking about. Below are three reasons why condo living is the ideal choice for families looking to make a move to the area.

More than enough room

We hear you. It’s one of the biggest concerns when our team at LJM Tower suggests to young families that a condo could be perfect for their family.  We’re pleased to tell you that when you browse our condos for sale in Stoney Creek, you too will become convinced that a condo can not only work for your family, it could very well become the preferred choice for your family.

For starters, your child will have their very own room – and may we add to that, a spacious room. Our two bedroom condo units ensure that you don’t have to settle for less by choosing a condo over a single family detached home – at Stoney Creek, we have more than enough room for your child. For the parents, it’s the same thing: you and your spouse will have more than enough room to relax and sleep comfortably as you take solace in knowing that you made the right decision by making a move to Stoney Creek.

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Coupled with more than enough room to live, relax, and play, our condos in Stoney Creek also provide convenience for our residents. We want you to be able to spend as much time with your family as possible, and that’s why we’re located in a convenient location and guarantee that you will have to do little maintenance to your unit. Living in a single family detached home, you don’t get that kind of luxury – especially if the home is aging. With our new condos for sale in Stoney Creek, you never have to waste hours of your life a week maintaining your home. Simply walk in, relax, and focus on doing the one thing you’ve wanted to do all day after work: spend time with your family.

Close to schools

One of the most important things of any parent’s life is how close they are living in proximity to good schools. It’s so important that it’s enough to keep many parents from moving to a better home to begin with. But you don’t have to worry! Our condos for sale ensure that your child has access to some of the best schools in the area, such as St. Agnes Catholic Elementary School and Eastdale Public School. Both institutions are synonymous with academic greatness, so take solace in knowing that you are sending your child to a good school.

Stoney creek park fountain

Also close to parks

What about when you feel like getting out of the house and enjoying the peaceful tranquility of nature? When you want to spend your weekend relaxing with your family and enjoying the sights of Stoney Creek’s natural beauty, take a stroll through one of the close parks that’s only a walk away from your condo. In a few short moments, you can visit Riverdale Park East and Eastdale Park – two parks we think you’re going to fall in love with.

Even if you feel like being active rather than taking it easy and enjoying nature, these parks have you covered. Riverdale Park East offers amazing amenities such as an outdoor skate rink, multipurpose sports fields, a track for running, an abundance of tennis courts, a place to picnic, and a children’s playground (perfect for you and your family). Moreover, Eastdale Park offers a couple of acres to frolic and play – from teeter totters to a basketball court, swing, and more.

Ready to make a move?

We know you are! Contact LJM Tower today and learn more about this amazing property. It may just be the perfect fit for your family, so call now!