So you have finally made the plunge, purchase one of our new condos in Hamilton, and now you’re wondering what to do in one of the friendliest neighbourhoods in the GTA: great! We’re so pleased to have you and want you to know that no matter what you’re in the mood for – from learning about local history to partaking in amazing, local food – there’s something for everyone in this little carved-out portion of Toronto. Add these items to your to-do bucket list and enjoy the best of what Hamilton has to offer!

Visit Dunburn Castle

Visit Dunburn Castle Established by the British way back in 1813, Dunburn Castle was built in the 1830’s on Burlington Heights. A 40-room Italianate-style villa, guided tours are given Tuesday-Sunday from 12:00pm-4:00pm. A great way to learn about the local history and see some of the most magnificent architecture you will find in the GTA, Dunburn Castle is an experience you won’t soon forget. Have a question? Ask one of the knowledgeable tour guides at Dunburn Castle and learn what life was like over 200-years ago!

Experience the Royal Botanical Gardens

It was in 1930 that King George V gave the Canadian government permission to use the word, ‘Royal,’ to describe the breathtaking botanical gardens he saw that day. Since then, the Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) – the only garden in Canada to have the honour to be fit for royalty – has been tantalizing visitors ever since. When leaving one of our new condos in Hamilton and visiting RBG, be sure to check out the garden and natural sanctuaries in the park and explore every corner of this amazing place.

From there, be sure to visit the Arboretum to see a diverse collection of trees and woody-type trees up close and personally. You will also see the Lilac Collection – the most diverse collection of Lilacs in North America. Featuring over 600 species, this collection is only matched by the sheer variety of dogwoods, magnolias, evergreens, and other magnificent plants that must be seen to truly be believed. Pay RBG a visit – bet you won’t visit just once!

Weekly trips to the Hamilton Farmer’s Market

The Hamilton Farmer’s Market is so popular it has been around for almost 200-years. That’s right, 200-years! Founded in 1837, leave one of our new condos in Hamilton and take a stroll to the corner of James Street and York Boulevard to find the Hamilton Farmer’s Market. Take a stroll to this timeless institution and you will find fresh local produce and other food items from merchants sharing their domestic and international flavors. With over 70 vendors to choose from, you can have a taste of the world while browsing comfortably in this indoor market. No matter if you want fresh pasta or something special you will not find anywhere else, the Hamilton Farmer’s Market is the place you need to for fresh produce, artisan goods, local wines, and so much more!

Monthly Art Crawls

The pulse of Hamilton can be found at the neighbourhood’s monthly art crawls. Proving that James Street is the patch of pavement where you can find Hamilton’s most talented, these art crawls take place on the second Friday of each month and showcase the some of the most diverse art you will find in the GTA. Step out of our new condos in Hamilton, ON and walk along the street and throughout the downtown arts district and bask in the galleries, shops, studios, and restaurants that partake in each month’s art crawl. Pay the pulse of Hamilton a visit each month; it’s new, it’s here, it’s now.


Go wild for the African Lion Safari

How amazing would it be to look out your window and spot an African lion staring back at you? That’s exactly the experience you get when you visit African Lion Safari. A drive-through park that boasts over 1000 animals across 100 different species spanning across 750-acres this one-of-a-kind park is the only way most people will ever get to be, ‘up close and personal,’ with some of the most majestic animals on our planet. It’s one of the most fun things to do outside of your new condo in Hamilton so check it out!