If you’re looking for a useful way to spend your time during social distancing or just simply interested in creating a deeper connection with your condo, here are some ideas and tips to make your time spent indoors more productive. 

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From making volunteer work to discovering a new hobby like cooking or art, there’s plenty of ways to pass time. 

Virtual Volunteering 

Old woman on facetime

With a plethora of communities to support right now, regardless of not being able to provide physical relief or comfort, we can definitely contribute in other ways. People all over the world are helping their fellow citizens by connecting online. This is one of the best ways to use your mobile phone at this time. There are apps that allow you to connect with an isolated senior citizen or adult with a disability to brighten up their day! 

Work Your Way Through a Cookbook 

If you’ve ever purchased a cookbook but have only ever made one otwo of the recipes, this is the perfect opportunity to dive right in. It’ll make cooking and eating much more enjoyable, especially when you plan out themed dinners for your family! 

Time To Bring Out The Art Supplies 

Woman painting on canvas

Use your creativity to work on something exceptional. Whether you’re working with clay (consider making a stop motion video), drawing or using watercolour, take this time to set up a designated art studio to start practicing art again. Getting creative is a great way to get out of your head. When it comes to art, don’t stop there. Art is found in many forms, like writing music of a story. Maybe you can use this time to pick up online guitar or piano lessons. 


There has been no better time to invest in finding your inner Zen. Meditation is proven to reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and pain. Leaving you with a calm, positive outlook on life. This is a great family activity because, for children, meditation has even more promise than it has for adults. Meditation as a child helps them regulate their emotions easier, which leads to having less meltdowns, and improves concentration and focus. 

Staying at home doesn’t have to be lonely or boring and this list proves it! Trying a couple of these fun things to do will definitely help break you out of the same routine, and have you looking forward to spending the day indoors!