Is it time to begin the search for Hamilton real estate? It can be a frightening endeavour, but not to worry. Searching for the perfect real estate is a challenge and frankly takes, ‘as long as it takes.’ However, by following our guide – courtesy of LJM Tower – you will know what to consider beyond the price tag. Below are a few of our favourite tips for successfully searching for a home in one of Ontario’s finest cities.

Hamilton real estate

Location, location, location

The location of your home is arguably the most important factor when searching for Hamilton real estate. True, the cost of your mortgage is vital to the home you choose. Location is everything, though. It can mean the difference between paying a small fortune in commuting and spending less than you did at your other residence. So how can you ensure you choose the right location?

The best place to start is to consider the length of the commute every time you look at a new home in Hamilton. If the commute is going to add time to your routine and cost extra ensure it’s worth the move. If it isn’t, consider living in a home closer to your workplace. Moreover, be sure the location is actually in a place you’re going to like (more on that in a moment).

Public transit or personal automobile?

Choosing a good location means you will likely have access to public transportation. This is another option to consider since your commute is likely going to considerably change. When considering buying Hamilton real estate, again ensure the commute is actually going to be worth your while. It’s important that it doesn’t drive you crazy – otherwise you’re simply not going to be happy in your new home. Weigh the options: will public transportation allow me to get to my workplace from my new home in a timely and cost-effective manner or should I drive my own automobile? If neither option works for you, choose a better location.

Simplify your search by choosing a condo

Since the location is so important, the best way to ensure you purchase the right Hamilton real estate for you is to choose a condo. Not only are condos in some of the best locations in every neighbourhood in the GTA but it’s also an extremely convenient route to home ownership. Maintenance is always covered by the management group of the condo meaning you never have to worry about fixing your own home or even paying out of pocket to fix things. It takes a huge burden off of the home owner, it’s cost effective, and it could not be more convenient for you.

Hamilton real estate

Consider the amenities

Condos are not only in an awesome location – they’re meant to make your life just a little easier to manage. Most condos have amenities that residents are free to use at their leisure. Some condos offer shopping, postal services, dry cleaning, and even yoga studios. This allows you to free up your time even more so you don’t have to go out of your way to run an errand.

The best condo amenities don’t just free up your time. They also help you to entertain your guests. From barbecue common areas to indoor party rooms and beyond, amenities are designed to make life easier for the residents.

Focus on size and design of the condo – not just the price

Ensure you know how much room you need for your condo. Don’t only focus on the overall size of the unit, though. Consider the size of each room of the home and what you need. For example, if your Hamilton real estate search leads you to a condo in a prime location yet you need a bigger living room and kitchen area don’t settle for a unit that doesn’t meet what you need. This is one of the most important lessons when choosing real estate in Hamilton, ON: never settle! Know what you want, what you need, and choose a home that has the sizes you need in every room of the home! Live in a home that meets your needs and we think you’ll agree: buying a home is one of the best purchases you’ll ever make!