One of the most stressful aspects of moving into new condos in Hamilton is what to do with all of your stuff. For those that have a difficult time getting rid of things, this can be especially troubling when moving into a condo with a small space. Luckily, finding a place for everything doesn’t have to be impossible. Below are a few of our favourite tactics for saving space and maximizing your home.

New condos in hamilton

Furniture with dual-purposes

As you look to move into new condos in Hamilton consider buying new furniture. Consider commemorating your new home with all-new furniture. Be sure it serves more than one purpose. You can find all types of dual-purpose furniture in your own neighbourhood. Coffee tables with baskets for storage are a great buy as are sofas with a hidden compartment to store items such as blankets and pillows for guests. There are even dining room tables that double as an air hockey table!

Shelves rather than cabinetry

When adding décor to your condo, build upward rather than outward. Because new condos in Hamilton, ON have high ceilings this is easy to get away with. Consider adding shelves instead of cabinetry to save a serious amount of floor real estate in your condo. No need to incorporate a bookshelf here. Build a minimalist wall library with normal shelving to create a look that’s chic and smart.

Do the same to display your miscellaneous ‘knick-knacks.’ Instead of using large pieces of furniture like armoires and large cabinetry opt to simply use shelving you can find at any big box department store. This will give you a wealth of creativity to decorate too. Instead of relying on large pieces to store and display treasures you own allow it to scale the walls.

New condos in hamilton

Improve your organizational skills

There are plenty of tiny tweaks you can do to maximize your condo’s space. We’ve already covered some of the best yet it’s not match for your organization skills. It doesn’t matter how small or big those new condos in Hamilton you’re looking at may be: if you’re not organized you’re going to be fighting an uphill battle. Improve how you organize! Have a place for everything. If you can live without something and wouldn’t mind donating it go for it. Utilize drawers and store regularly used items. This will allow you to easily access them (plus, you will never forget where the items are).

If you’re unsure where to start, begin with your closet. A good guide to follow is to have at least a quarter of your new closet’s space available to add new clothing and apparel. Although you may be tempted to purchase more clothing consider using the extra space in a smart way. Adding a dresser to the closet and removing it from the bedroom’s floorspace altogether is a great example of making the most out of the small space you may have.

Declutter regularly

This goes hand-in-hand with being organized. If you can get into the habit of decluttering once a month, do it. Removing the things you don’t need will allow you to have even more free space than normal. Donate and recycle when applicable; get into the habit of watching what you buy. When you know you will need to declutter that month this will also make you mindful of what you are purchasing. This mindset saves space, saves money, and allows you to enjoy the most space possible long after buying that new condo in Hamilton!

Use mirrors and lighting strategically

What if you could simply make your new condo in Hamilton, ON bigger? While this is impossible to do, you can create the illusion that your spaces are larger. Strategically place mirrors on the parts of walls that are directly from a light source such as a standing lamp. The light will reflect from the mirror and – believe it or not – will make your spaces look larger than they actually are. For rooms that lack a window this is a great way to add warmth (which makes guests feel welcome). Add this into the mix of the other tips LJM Developments listed above, and you’re going to live in a condo that feels much more spacious and less cluttered than it would have!

New condos in hamilton