When moving to a new city, everything is new and exciting, but can also be very scary. Properly preparing your move will help you get past the insecurity that the unfamiliarity of a new city can bring.

Overspending is almost always a result of under planning. Before you move to a new city, make sure your finances are in order. It’s important to know how far a dollar can stretch in your new city, so research housing, transportation, healthcare, and food prices in order to create a realistic budget. Get your debt situation under control and work on your credit score. If you are planning on renting, landlords take credit score very seriously when considering a new tenant. If possible, have a job lined up before you get there. If you’re relocating because of a job — ask for a relocation bonus. You’d be surprised what you can get if you just ask.

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Ideally, you should find a new place to live before you move. Renting for the first six months while you get a feel for the city is recommended, so you don’t end up stuck if you decide you don’t want to stay.

Try to schedule your move so you have a few free days once you get there. Having to report to work the day after your big move is stressful. Explore your new city and get involved in cool activities to start building relationships.

Get in touch with friends, acquaintances, and distant family in your new city. Use your school or work friends to help find social or professional connections. Reaching out to friends of friends for a coffee or lunch date is a great start!

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