There are many ways to make your new place feel like a cozy home rather than just a unit where you store your stuff. Yet, don’t assume that every method is on the same level. While many variations for making a condo feel homely abound, it’s vital that you choose methods that work well primarily for new condos in Hamilton, ON. Below are a few of our favourite tips for ensuring that new condo feels like the perfect place to call home.

home sweet home

Paint it the colour you want to paint it

When someone moves into their new home the colour scheme is most likely not up to par with what they want. If this explains your most recent move, consider painting any or all rooms the colour you want to paint it. In the end, there are no rules here! Want to paint your entire condo as if plucked out of nature? Go for it! Give your condo the facelift it needs to make it your castle and create an environment that’s perfect for relaxation!

Organization is key

If your new condo in Hamilton, ON is feeling a little cluttered and claustrophobic consider giving it an organizational facelift in addition to a new paint job. If applicable, get everything off the floors and use the space with the most unused real estate: your walls. Add vertical wall shelving and especially add overhanging hooks in the kitchen to store those hanging pots and other essentials worth hanging around vicinity.

Don’t think the battle can be one by only using shelving, though. Get creative by utilizing space you don’t use such as under your bed or in closets that don’t seem to have a purpose. Create hidden storage spaces or even purchase new furniture that doubles as a storage container to store those hard-to-store items such as blankets, pillows, and other essentials to the home.

Bring bright colours into the room

When painting your walls isn’t enough, there are extra methods you can use to ensure your new condo feels more like a home rather than a place you just stay at. Think about infusing new colour into the mix. For example, while those new colourful walls are certainly, ‘you,’ why stop there?

Add a brightly coloured rug to the center of the room and integrate other bright colours from the rug into the mix of the room: metallic décor of the same shade, dining room chairs of a similar shade for condos with an open floor plan, framed art of the same shade, etc. Pick a theme (i.e. colour) to latch onto, make it the cornerstone of the room, and decorate around that colour accordingly. Before you know it, you will have a room that is eye popping and pleasing to the eye: a space to not only call your own but once that absolutely feels like, ‘home.’

paint your home

Decorate with sentimental décor

You can probably think of a sentimental piece that’s important to you at this very moment. Perhaps it’s a piece of jewelry passed down through the generations of your family; fine China given to you by a grandparent; a trinket a childhood friend gave you in grade school. Whatever the case may be, don’t put it in storage and let it sit by itself – display it and show it off in your new condo in Hamilton!

Sentimental décor should be shared and displayed, never tucked away in the shadows. Showcase your sentimental objects by showing them off in things like shadow boxes and glass displays so they are safe yet on-display so guests can see them in their full glory. There’s no better décor than the kind that has a personal story behind it: store your personal stories and make your condo truly feel like home.

Add plant life

One of the best ways to make your new condo in Hamilton feel like a home is by adding plant life to your spaces. The added oxygen will allow you to think clearly and be in a better mood, allowing you to enjoy your home more than you would otherwise. What better way to make a home feel like, ‘home,’ than by ensuring everyone in the unit is in a great mood and able to enjoy the home you’ve worked so hard to acquire?