When moving into your Hamilton condo, one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome is ensuring it feels inviting to everyone. It isn’t easy. Creating a space that allows all guests to feel at ease and comfortable as soon as they walk through your front door takes thought and planning. Fortunately, LJM Developments has a host of great ideas that will help you achieve exactly that. Below are a few of the best tips for creating a home that feels more welcoming.


Nothing brings a room together quite like a rug. It also works wonders for your new condo, too. A rug can transform a room from appearing lifeless and drab to warm and homely. It’s what makes rugs so interesting. By tucking a rug under your coffee table and sofa, the room is layered and transformed into something completely different and unique.

Kids on a Rug

Rugs are versatile so integrating them into your spaces is easy. Think about the size, shape, colour, and texture of the rug. Do you want it to be gigantic and classical, the threads slithering through the spaces like a snake that’s alive? Or do you prefer a more muted rug that’s smaller, modern, and achieves different results altogether? Only you can decide what is best for your condo’s spaces.


Although this is a décor trend that separates the new generation from the more established, it’s a solution everyone can utilize. Forget about traditional décor that looks great but has been seen in homes a million times over: think differently and only integrate décor that has meaning to you. This can be anything: from memorabilia that means something to you to family photos from days long gone. You may even want to consider decorating your condo in Hamilton with school projects that still make you proud, art that embodies your personality, and even hobby décor.

Let’s briefly touch on hobby décor. This trend is gaining in popularity. Not only is it a good conversation starter but it provides a breadth of honesty that are going to make your guests feel welcoming. Whether you enjoy painting miniatures, baking, or something else entirely, create a space for your hobby where you can not only work on things out in the open but you can also display your hobby like décor. This could be paints, cook books, or anything else. Use your creativity, and create moments of conversation by showing guests know what you do in your spare time by making your hobby its own type of home décor!


Believe it or not, but any overhead light or standing lamp just won’t do if your trying to make your condo feel more welcoming. One of the best ways to ensure your lighting sets the mood just right is by layering your lighting with a combination of ambient, task, and accents lights (the overhead lights in your condo). As you can guess, there isn’t much you can do about your condo’s overhead lights so don’t worry about them. Rather, focus on playing around with task and ambient lighting.

You probably already use task lighting if you are putting your hobby on display (e.g. a desk lamp) but play around with it anyway. Where are others areas in your home where you can place task lighting? Consider placing task lighting by furniture (for reading).

From there, play with accent lighting. Place ambient LED lights around artwork, sharp edges in the home (e.g. a doorway, window trim, etc.) to create lighting that creates an atmosphere of relaxation. While all of these forms of lighting may not seem like much on their own, when layered together they create an atmosphere that evokes relaxation, calm, and most importantly that, ‘at-home,’ feel.


The colours of the condo play an important role as well. Consider integrating throw pillows and blankets that give a calm, warm vibe to the room. Display these blankets on your furniture if you wish or place them in storage for later use (adding an ottoman with storage space is perfect for this). Consider adding curtains that are gold or have a bold, yellow look to them for a space that feels warm and truly welcoming.