What is it about buying a new place for the first time that automatically makes us want to, ‘make it our own?’ Is it the pride new homeowners get for moving into Hamilton real estate for the first time? It seems to differ from one person to another but here at LJM Tower there’s one thing we know to be true: it isn’t difficult to add a totally unique, personal touch to every room of your condo. By thinking in a unique manner, you’re going to be able to let your creativity sore as you make every room in the home your own. Below are just a few prime examples!

Fresh paint job followed by wallpaper

It’s one thing to add a fresh coat of paint to a wall: it’s another to layer that will unique wallpaper. If you’ve been in a recently-decorated home as of late, wallpaper is back in style once again. To add a truly unique touch to your home’s walls, consider applying wallpaper that’s an extension of yourself to your recently painted wall.

Speaking of paint, consider the type of space you want to have in each room. Do you prefer to feel productive and cool in your home, or is it going to be a sanctuary of peace and tranquility as you come home from a difficult day? Be sure to paint according to the mood you want for each room then apply the appropriate type of wallpaper.

Collect unique art

What better way to showcase your personality than by hanging some of your unique art? Don’t have any unique art to display? Think about some of the pieces that have been memorable to you over the years, or do some research and find prints that speak to you. Either way, make it your mission to collect a few piece of unique art so you can hang them in your home to awe-inspire your guests. Nothing says, ‘this is who I am,’ better than a collection of art hanging on the walls of some price Hamilton real estate!

Hobbies on display

Further, few things say, ‘here I am,’ more than a hobby. If you have a hobby you are passionate about, don’t tuck it away in the closet thinking it will be in the way. Take it out, and put it on display. For example, while you may be tempted to hide your 3D printer and supplies in your bedroom so it won’t clutter the living room, consider taking them out of the shadows and incorporating them into your overall décor.

Love to paint or sculpt with clay? Find a space to work on them out in the open and let your guest view your works of art as you make progress on them. It’s one of the easiest ways to add a conversation piece to any room of the home. As you work on your art, this adds even more opportunities of conversation in your living room. Maybe you’re not artistic and like to work on cars, cook, or simply write in your journal. It doesn’t matter what the hobby is: display it, practice it out in the open, and make your spaces reflect the true you!

Plants in every room

There is arguably no better way to add new life to a room than by incorporating plants. Adding plants to Hamilton real estate is one of the best ways to once more perfectly reflect the true you. Not only does adding plants to the room give a new look to each room, it’s also a great way to keep you healthy. By adding oxygen to the room you are able to breathe easier meaning you can think clearly, be in a better mood, and live optimally; better health and a better look, what could be better?

Display personal mementos guests won’t find elsewhere

We all have personal mementos that remind of us different points in our lives: a wedding album, a corkboard with pictures from our youth, even little things like a spare room key from that awesome night out on the town. Little mementos enter our lives and make an impact before we even realize it – so why not display them for guests to see? Your own personal mementos is what makes you – yes, you! – so unique. Create a conversation by showing these off for guests to view, and put the true beautiful you on display!