If you think there’s only a few things to do in Hamilton – boy are you wrong! Buying a Hamilton condo offers you the chance to try some of Hamilton’s best restaurants. You’ll discover Hamilton is the one-of-a-kind city that it claims to be. Read on to find a few of the delicious plates that are calling your name.


The husband and wife duo at Quatrefoil may have met in the kitchens of Toronto, but they’ve traveled the globe to find the perfect taste for their amazing dishes. Since their return, they’ve been celebrated for the one-of-a-kind food you can only find here. Serving contemporary French cuisine along with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options, this moderately priced restaurant is sure to be a favourite at your new condo!


Built nearly 100 years ago as a private castle, this eatery built for a kingdom also has the royal taste. Perfect for date night, group dining, and even weddings you’re going to love what’s on the menu. And if you love steak, lamb, and other fine meats? You’re going to be in Heaven. Feast like a king, and get a taste of what it’s like to be royalty!


Want down home cooking that tastes just like mother made it? If you need a taste of home a short walk from your Hamitlon condo, pay a visit to Café Troy. Priding themselves on using local, fresh ingredients and cooking with an extra dash of love, leave it to Chef Carlos and the team to cook you up a meal you’re not going to soon forget. And if you need a caterer for your wedding or corporate event? No worries! Contact Café Troy and they will work with you to make your occasion a hit!

People at a Cafe


A delicious restaurant AND a jazz lounge? Who could ask for anything more? Down home cuisine that must be tasted to be believed, you’re going to fall in love with dishes like the Muscovy duck breast, vegan andouille jambalaya, and of course their famous beef tenderloin made from reserve Angus beef. Treat your taste buds to something amazing and pay Mattson & Co. a visit!


Bringing a taste of Europe to your new condo in Hamilton, Brux House is inspired by the beer belt that made Europe famous. Featuring more craft beer, ciders, and one-of-a-kind cocktails and wines than you can shake a bottle opener at, you’re going to find something delicious at Brux House. A rotating chalkboard menu and a menu of delicious bar food that with have your mouth watering as you go down the list, this bar featuring the best local and imported beers has just what you’ve been looking for in Hamilton. Everyone needs a bar they can call home – now you can at Brux House!


If you’ve been sitting in your Hamilton condo and craving Indian food, run – don’t walk – to India Village Restaurant. Always fresh with dishes ranging from a variety of spice levels, enjoy dishes such as butter chicken, mixed sabzi curry, and of course their delicious saag gosht. It’s been called, ‘a true taste of India’s finest cuisine,’ for a reason: try it, and see for yourself what makes Indian food truly one of the tastiest cuisines on Earth!


Perhaps you are craving Asian food. If so then immediately make the short trip to Banana Leaf Asian Cuisine. A traditional Asian diner that serves favourites such as hot and sour soup, thai beef stir fry, and their special The Rich’s Fried Rice – made with various types of seafood and an egg white. One thing is for sure: once you’re finished with your dish, you’ll be wishing you still had more food on your plate. Making living in your new condo totally worth it, no wonder Banana Leaf Asian Cuisine was named one of the 10 best places to eat in Hamilton! Plus, they cater to events!