Have you noticed that your condo is getting a little cramped? Then you need to change how you live in your unit and get organized. Organization may seem as if it won’t put a dent in the clutter of your home but you will be amazed by what a difference a few key tweaks to your living situation can make. Because we specialize in building condos in Stoney Creek, Hamilton and beyond, we have noticed how cramped some people’s units can get. I suppose you could say we’ve seen it all, and we’re happy to pass some of our organizational wisdom with you. Below are a few of our favourite tips to get organized and free your spaces from clutter!

Multi-purpose furniture

Is it time for a new sofa? Replace it with a multi-purpose sofa with enough storage where you can store all of those miscellaneous items you never seem to have a place for; it’s also a good place to store blankets and quilts. You don’t have to stop there, though. If you have an empty corner of a room and you’ve been meaning to occupy the space with a piece of furniture but haven’t quite found the right piece, choose an ottoman with plenty of interior space. Need a new coffee table? Consider one with plenty of nooks and crannies for storage. You will be amazed how much space this will free up in your home!


Utilize your kitchen wall cabinets

Aim for a goal of ‘countertop zero:’ in other words, be sure that your countertops are completely free of clutter and reserved only for meals and guests. Utilize your kitchen wall cabinets as much as possible. Sure, they’re meant for dishes and glasses but you can also use them for other things such as photo frames, decorative items such as candles, and more. Consider using bookends or similar separates to keep dishes and your other miscellaneous items separated and organized.


Storage bed

Multi-purpose furniture isn’t just reserved for the living room – you can also integrate multi-purpose pieces into the bedroom. If you’ve been thinking about buying a new bed, now is the time to consider a storage bed. Complete with drawers that fit underneath the bed, you can seriously organize your bedrooms and even your closets; perfect for shoes, jewelry, childhood memorabilia such as scrapbooks, and yearbooks, and so much more.

Do you have so many books that they seem to be falling off your bookshelves? Think about choosing a headboard that doubles as a bookshelf (or place those books you won’t be reading again anytime soon in the bed’s storage). The great thing about these headboards is that they don’t have to be solely just for books, either. For example, consider moving your lamp, phones, and chargers to the bookcase headboard to eliminate your end table.

Large desk with plenty of storage

Finally, if you use a space as a home office, trade in your current desk for a larger, solid office desk. It may seem counter-productive, but not only will the desk make the room look better by adding depth to the space, but it’s also large enough to store plenty of items inside the desk itself. This easily eliminated desk clutter and gives you plenty of options for combating other types of clutter in the room and around the home. Keep in mind that it can be extremely easy for your desk’s drawers to get out of hand and cluttered on their own. To this end, we strongly suggest that you don’t get into the habit of sticking random items that have no place into your desk’s drawers: if you cannot find a place to store something, consider getting rid of it altogether.


That applies to the rest of your home as well. No matter if you live in a two bedroom apartment in Hamilton, ON or somewhere else in the great GTA, keeping an eye on the amount of clutter in your home is vital to living comfortably. Make a habit of cleaning the storage areas of your home; consider placing a donation box in a drawer or closet you don’t use to keep clutter to a minimum.

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