Looking for a new home in Hamilton? Don’t choose just any home: choose the home; the best home no matter your dreams, aspirations, and accomplishments in life. LJM Tower is the place you want your next home to be, and with so many condo options in the GTA this may sound hyperbolic. We’ll leave that up to you to decide, but we truly believe it’s not. We believe that our condo in Hamilton, ON offers the very best life has to offer in Ontario and we want to prove it to you. Need a reason to make LJM Tower your next home in Hamilton? Here’s five.

Moments away from nature

If you love being outside and basking in the glow of nature, Hamilton needs to be the next place to call home. Home to over 100 waterfalls, this amazing little neighbourhood features an array of beautiful parks and some of the best conservation areas in all of Ontario. No matter if you want to take a hike or simply walk your dog, you’re going to find the perfect outdoor activity for you and your family.


Simple commute

Want a variety of ways to commute from Hamilton to your workplace? You actually have several when you live in a condo in LJM Tower. Because residents are close to public transit, they can easily access the GO train and GO bus, ensuring residents that they never have to drive their vehicle when they go to work in a more populated area of the GTA.

Prefer to drive your own automobile? You’re in luck as you also have access to some of the easiest-to-travel highways in the area. With quick access to the Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway, Highway 8, and the heavily-commuted 403 you can get to wherever you need to go with relative ease. No matter if you want to go out for a night on the town or you want to keep your daily commute to a minimum, when you live at LJM Tower you’re always in the right spot to see the best of the GTA!


Amazing restaurants

Just because you will be living in a smaller neighbourhood does not mean you have to sacrifice the noise and congestion of Downtown Toronto for delicious restaurants. Some of the tastiest  and most unique restaurants in the GTA are actually here in Hamilton – and we think you’re going to agree. No matter if you feel like eating delicious sushi or you want to broaden your horizons and dine on authentic Indian food, it’s all here for you to try. Vegetarian? You have plenty of options! Want the feel of a hometown deli? Roma Bakery & Deli have you covered! Out late and want to gorge on something greasy? You have a local Tim Hortons just around the corner! Whatever you crave, you’re going to be able to eat it in Hamilton!


Culture and the arts

When you want to broaden your horizons, there are plenty of options to do so. One of the first places you should visit is the Art Gallery of Hamilton, which not only features amazing art you’re not going to find anywhere else but also classes designed to train you to become a better artist. Prefer to watch live theatre? Pay a visit to Theatre Aquarius and bask in some of the best live theatre you’re going to find in Ontario. For a night out on the town that’s always out of the ordinary, the culture and arts that Hamilton has to offer cannot be beat!

Big city with a hometown feel!

If you are tired of living in a community where nobody knows your name and there’s an emphasis on rushing to your destination, you need a chance of environment. When you want to live in a neighbourhood where life flows a little more slowly and people greet you by your first name, make the move to LJM Tower right away. We will show you why so many people are proud to call our condo their new home and why Ontario is falling in love with Hamilton; an amazing big city with a community feel! Reach out today, and let’s move you into the next home of your dreams!