When living in a condo, it’s imperative that you follow the rules yet this isn’t enough. One of the unspoken rules of condo life is that it’s vital that you just be pleasant around your neighbours. Practising good etiquette will not only make life pleasant for you and your neighbours, but it will also ensure that your building has a living environment that’s pleasing to all. Below are a few tips you should put into practice before you move into any of the condos for sale in Hamilton, ON you’re thinking about purchasing.

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Understand you’re sharing space

After buying those condos for sale in Hamilton, ON, you want to breathe a sigh of relief now that you own your own home. While you want to do nothing more than act like you own the place, keep in mind that you are sharing space with everyone in the building. As you travel the building and partake in the amenities and the property as a whole, take note that other people use the property too. You may own your unit, but you’re still living in a communal area.

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Noise levels

Keep in mind that you must also keep noise levels down to a minimum. When you finally choose the right condo after your exhaustive search for condos for sale in Hamilton, ON you will likely find details about noise levels in your condo’s by-laws. Even so, realize that other people are using the building so be respectful. This means keeping loud noises along with your music and television to a minimum in the evening. If you feel that you are being too loud, ask your neighbours if you’re being a nuisance. This will let them know that you don’t want to be a disturbance, which goes a long way to let neighbours know that you don’t mean any ill will.

Have pets? Be vigilant.

Although you may love your pet, not everyone is a pet person. If you want to live with your pet in your chosen condos for sale in Hamilton, ON keep everyone’s best interest in mind. For example, if your pet walks up to someone to say hello yet the resident doesn’t seem too amused, kindly direct your pet to leave the person alone and let them go along your day; you may think it’s cute, but not everyone holds the same opinion. Moreover, be sure to clean up after your pet every time. This means cleaning up with them immediately when they make a mess in the floor of your condo, in the hallway, and on the grounds of the property. Keep your pet on a leash, and be sure that your pet doesn’t excessively make noise all day while you are at work. Although the problem is out of your control when you’re not around, nothing can make your neighbours sour on you faster than a tenant that can’t control their pet. Arrange for them to be walked, or visit during a lunch break to spend some time with your pet.

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Follow the rules

It sounds like a simple concept once you purchase one of the many condos for sale in Hamilton, ON: unfortunately, not everyone does it. Look, we get it: you’re not going to agree with every rule when agreeing to live in a condo and you may even think that some rules seem a tad unnecessary but they are absolutely there for a reason. So be a good neighbour: follow the rules and be an example as to what good etiquette looks like in your building,

Just because you own it…

Doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want in the condo. Avoid this mindset and keep everyone’s best interest in mind. Besides, if you’re tired of searching for condos for sale in Hamilton, ON, you’re ready to settle down, and you plan to live in your home for years to come why would you jeopardize your relationship with your neighbours solely because you failed to keep their best interest in mind? It’s a recipe for disaster, you’re doing yourself a disservice, and everyone living in your building. Practice proper etiquette, think of others as you go throughout your day in the condo, and follow the rules as stated in your contract.