Making the decision to move to a new home is never an easy one: for starters, you have to be sure the time is, ‘now,’ for you and your household to make a move. It’s also important to consider the floor plan for your home. Although it’s a factor that isn’t high on most people’s when starting the process of looking for a 1 bedroom apartment in Hamilton it’s crucial that you consider it to ensure you find the perfect home for you. Below are things to consider to ensure that when you sign on that dotted line, you are signing up for the perfect apartment for your needs!


What size of apartment do you need?

Is a 1 bedroom apartment in Hamilton, ON truly the right size for your lifestyle? It’s a question you have to ask yourself to ensure you find the right apartment. Consider what you will be doing in the apartment. Will you be hosting on the regular or do you need a space that acts as your refuge away from the rest of the world? Whatever your needs may be, be sure they align with the size of your unit.

What kind of flow do you need in the unit?

Will you be hosting parties regularly or is your apartment in Hamilton going to typically be for you to hide away from the rest of the world? Consider your needs to ensure you have proper flow in your apartment. The right kind of flow is crucial to your comfortability – not to mention it ensures you have enough space for all of your stuff.

All of that aside, a good flowing apartment just makes life more convenient for you. Who wants to walk all the way down the hall to go to the bathroom at night? No one! A properly flowing apartment ensures little inconveniences like these never crop up. A properly flowing apartment thoughtfully considers the conveniences of the homeowner (e.g. a bathroom near the bedroom).

Consider a den

“Now why would I need a den?” At LJM Developments, we’ve heard this kind of rhetoric all too often. We will give the same answer we always do: you never know you need extra space until you do; rest assured, you will need extra space. Choosing a 1 bedroom apartment in Hamilton that features a den – also known as a flex space or lifestyle room – is the only logical choice. Choosing a floor plan with a den ensures you are never scrambling for extra space; this keeps your floor plan flowing optimally. Use the den as temporary guest bedroom, an office, a space for hosting, or whatever need you may have.

That’s the beauty of den. Giving you just that little extra space to make your life convenient, it’s crucial to all floor plans – from one bedroom units to the largest apartment spaces. All you have to ask yourself is: “what needs do I have that a den would complement?”

The size of the rooms

Do not overlook the size you need for each room. Consider how you use each room. Do you enjoy cooking? If so you will want to choose a 1 bedroom apartment in Hamilton, ON that features a large kitchen. Want to host guests? Then be sure the kitchen and dining area are both large enough for your needs.

The keyword here is, ‘needs:’ be honest with yourself about what you need in each room of the unit. Prefer a large, comfy bedroom over a spacious bathroom? Choose a unit with proper room sizes to ensure your needs and wants are met.

Will the furniture fit?

You’ve found a 1 bedroom apartment that features correctly-sized rooms that’s going to ensure you can live comfortably: great! That’s not where the story ends, though. Have you considered if your furniture will actually fit into your unit? It’s a problem many face when moving from one place to another so be sure to measure before choosing your unit. While you certainly don’t want your couch to dictate where your new home will be, you also don’t want to have to buy completely new furniture just because you failed to measure and crosscheck if your pieces will actually fit into your home.

Measure all of your furniture before looking at any new apartments. This will allow you to know how many new pieces you need to buy (hopefully not any) and how they can be utilized in each space of the home. Proactive thinking is key when it comes to choosing a Hamilton apartment and will mean the difference between living an apartment that’s right for you and one that you will long regret.