They help purify air

Incorporating plants into your condos decor does more than just brighten the look of your home. It helps to diversify bacteria in our bodies to fight infections and allergies. Houseplants make the best natural air purifiers. This is especially helpful if you live in a city that’s filled with tons of smoke, smog, and pollution.

They help reduce stress

Studies found how having plants in your environment helps lower people’s heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory problems. If you don’t have the opportunity to get out often, bringing the green inside can work wonders for your wellbeing and mental health. Certain plants like eucalyptus, lavender, and rosemary have sleep-promoting qualities that can help with insomnia.

house plant

Houseplants Can Inspire You Creatively

It’s important to be inspired by your living space since you spend most of your time there. When your condo feels a little boring, just work a few plants into the decor to spice things up. It’s shocking how quickly a splash of greenery can inspire you!

They improve wellbeing

Plants are known to have a strong spiritual link with us. Studies have found that patients in hospitals who are surrounded by plants had greater chances of recovering than those who aren’t. Plants uplift people’s spirits and make them more optimistic about life.